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One of the many great things about Some Like It Hot is that it totally recognises what it’s like for women to be objectified. The first time you see Sugar, it’s that iconic pan-up jello-on-springs shot, where she is just The Object. But Jerry and Joe almost immediately learn what it’s like to be the object of sexual harassment. And Jerry, who here wants to be “a bull again”, by the end of the film has embraced his Daphne persona and realised that femininity isn’t just something to be either objectified or rejected.

tl;dr this film says more interesting things about gender and sexual politics than most media today.

You don’t know how much I love this movie.

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i also got a virtual hug. omfg i have the greatest friend ever. please this is so freaking cute.





"Sorry I never draw it, It’s just a bit difficult for me to put Thor as bottom"

I totally regret what I said to that anon, I decided to give it a try :D *hides because the shame*

*mutters god dammit florbe*

Thor gasped deeply as the black nailed fingers caressed between his muscular thighs. The touch was feather light, but no shyness existed there. Oh no. Loki was perfectly in control of his actions as he brought his brother to arousal. “Loki…” Thor’s breath caught in his throat and he turned to the pillows. “We should not.”

"Each time you say the same thing to me. And each time I remind you why it is worth it." Loki gave a dark, throaty chuckle. He reached up and brushed the stray golden hair from the rugged face, looking deep into eyes as blue as the skies of Asgard. "You like how it feels, don’t you?"

It sounded so innocent! So afraid of rejection that Thor buckled under it. “I-I do. It is so good!” he insisted. Loki had stolen into his bedroom for the third time this month, lingering only long enough to get him off. Leaving the thunderer wanting more, but entirely ignorant as to exactly what.

"Would you like me to show you a new pleasure?" Loki asked, his mouth encircling his brother’s lips, kissing him, entreating him with such perfect coyness. Thor nodded quickly, his passion mounting to feverish pitch as the strokes became more decisive. "Won’t you open your legs for me, brother?" Loki pleaded, his hand moving past the thick, sturdy cock and down to the tender pucker.

"Loki!" Thor almost shouted and then slapped a hand over his mouth. They could not risk the guards seeing this! It would be a scandal! An absolute horrendous shame up their family! His mind went vapid from all these fears as a finger trespassed into him. Thor’s jaw fell open and he writhed at it.

With practiced ease, Loki opened him, using the almond oil from the bedside table to provide slickness. “There we are.” he said encouragingly, one he felt the hole ready. He positioned himself, long and lithe between Thor’s legs, his own manhood strict and firm. “Would you take me in, if I asked sweetly? Would you let me fuck you?”

Thor hesitated, ashamed beyond compare to realize this was what he had so desperately sought for. The thrust. The achievement of taking Loki inside his body with unquestioned hunger. Unable to look his brother in the eye, Thor spread his legs open and hitched them up, revealing the wet, taunt entryway.

Loki smiled, just a trace of control glinting from his emerald eyes. “Thank you, sweet brother. I promise, you’ll like it.”

o///////o… damn it, gurl. *rolls on the floor*

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